Social Media Don'ts: The Walking Dead Style

Do you watch The Walking Dead?

I binge-watched Season 5 this past weekend. There's something about being sprawled out on the couch watching TV in your favorite stretchy pants on a lazy afternoon, isn't there?

For those who don't watch, the series tells of how the human race learns to survive after the apocalypse. It's a series about love lost and gained, life and death, and gross zombie-things called "walkers."

(Here's a fun fact: did you know that throughout the entire series, the word "zombie" has never once been used?)

These so-called "walkers," "dead heads," "flesh eaters" -- whatever you want to call them -- they are pretty darn gross. They are shriveled and dehydrated, rotting from the inside out and the outside in. Loud noises attract them, so the characters in the show must try to avoid making too much noise if they want to go undetected by these creatures. In the meantime, the "walkers" just limp and groan around all day, every day looking for some humans to snack on.

"Okay, Samantha. We get that you're mildly obsessed with gross TV shows. What was the point of that icky description of 'walkers,' anyways?" you may be asking yourself.

I come across too many social media pages that remind me of these 'walkers,' whose only purpose is to pounce on the first living, breathing thing that makes a peep on their page. Sounds pleasant, right? Yeah, because it's not. No one likes to experience that. No one likes to feel like they have a desperate 'walker' breathing down their neck ready to 'sell' you something the second you show interest in their service or product.

Have you heard of the "80:20 Rule?" In digital marketing the "80:20 Rule" refers to the ratio between your promotional content and the other content you share with your followers. Eighty percent of your content should be non-promotional content not created by you or your brand. In other words, links, photos, and videos from other sources. The other 20% of your posted content should be promotional or related to your business.

Now, you don't necessarily need to be exact on your calculations, but keep this rule in mind when you are posting throughout the week. People will follow your page if you are providing them with interesting content that plays on their emotional heartstrings. After you have gained trust and respect in their eyes, then it's okay to promote what you are up to, but don't bombard! There's a fine line between informing and overwhelming.

This week, don't be a wandering 'walker' desperately searching for your next victim. Post fun content that your ideal client will love to read, and you will soon reap the rewards!