35 Hilarious Tweets About Social Media Fails

We've all been there. These cringeworthy tales will make you feel better.

Social media is a great and useful tool in many ways. It’s also VERY dangerous.

Did I once accidentally double-tap a 116-week-old Instagram post from a guy I’d been seeing while scrolling through his profile with a co-worker? Sure. Did he immediately text to call me out for it? Yep! Was it embarrassing AF? You betcha.

It’s way too easy to humiliate yourself (and possibly even jeopardize parts of your life) by sending an accidental friend request to the person scheduled to interview you for a job, posting a raunchy photo you meant to DM, liking a Venmo payment between your ex and some new girl he’s seeing, or tweeting said girl’s name when you thought you were typing it in the search bar.

If you’ve ever embarrassed yourself on social media, just know that you’re not alone. And thankfully we can laugh about those fatal errors. Here are 35 funny tweets about social media fails.