Social Media Politiku

Social Media Politiku
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New York Social Media week attendees came from insomnified newsrooms, midtown ad agencies and ivory towered J-schools. Bloggers, PR consultants, aggregate founders and overcaffeinated entrepreneurs congregated in clusters.

Some attendees were local. Others made pilgrimages from as far as Spain to plug into this week-long hive of interactivity. Power Point slides provided the wi-fi passwords, Twitter handles and Hash Tags needed to post questions and follow surges simultaneously.

Highlights included The New York Times hosted Crowdsourcing panel which featured New York Times editor, interactive news technology, @Pilhofer, National Public Radio Senior social media strategist, @Acarvin, NYU Journalism Professor @jayrosen_nyu and Mashable's Nextup NYC - The Future Journalist discussion with Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Professor and Dean of Student Affairs, Professor @sreenet

More could be asked, said, challenged, or recapped, however, as Transparency seems to have been the consistent thematic refrain, it is only fitting that the conclusions themselves, be crowdsourced. New York Social Media Week's attendees were asked to condense their relationship to Social Media and transparency into seventeen syllables and this is what they said:

Greg Schneider Politiku:
Media, evolved
Transparent by its nature
Voices, power shift

@Greg_Schneider is the CEO and Co-Founder of @3BLMedia, a company at the intersection of Multimedia, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media.

Jonathan Blank Politiku:
Pledge to veritas
Posts and Follows Do not Lie
Digitas forever!

@Jonathanblank Jonathan is a B2B marketing and communications specialist at Makovsky + Company. At night he brings the funny out as an improv comedian. In all, he's a storyteller.

Marc Geffen Politiku:
"Open" brands are pure.
Digital is dynamic,
but trust is no trend.

@Marc_it is a marketing major at NYU's Stern School of business and a branded entertainment entrepreneur, pursuing a career in advertising.

Phil Thomas Di Giulio Politiku:

In the room - floating.
Exposed inside a bubble -
Pop! We connected.

@holaphil is the Co-Founder of

David Berkowitz Politiku:
always be open
would you say that to someone
wearing a trenchcoat?

@dberkowitz is Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for agency 360i.

Susanna Speier Politiku:

Sun exec resigns
tweets five seven-five-swan song
clear. syndication...

@susannaspeier is a writer, blogger and social media consultant who actually managed to tweet out some Social Media Week #Politiku in real-time.

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