Social Media Trends for 2017

Social Media Trends for 2017
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Trends are one of them things that you spot but takes time to actually happen, so labelling this post 2017 trends is a bit harsh as so some of the trends I mention are currently happening but are going to explode over the next 12- 18 months.

What I do want to mention is though that you want to capture the wave of the trend early, don’t just think that it won’t fit you or your business adapt, revise and make it work.

Last year saw a monumental shift in live streaming video and that is not about to change anytime soon. Even though Meerkat faltered it has allowed platforms who already had the audience behind it to grow, (Facebook, Periscope YouTube and Instagram).

Will Snapchat follow suit now they have a great number of users? I honestly think that there is a chance they may lengthen Snaps and allow longer videos maybe for companies or events or they could stick with exactly what they currently are doing. They will have to knock something out the park since Instagram stories basically is Snapchat on Instagram.

Live streaming is already changing Social Media and everyone is seeing this and making it happen, the fact that I can watch the football club I support warm up before a game if I am not there is great, and then be able to interact with others who are also watching the stream.

So Live streaming is not going to be declining anytime soon and hence the reason why traditional TV viewing has dropped.

Rumours have it that maybe advertisements within the streams which could be something that wouldn’t be all so great, but at the same time, there is nothing from this Live streams been sponsored just like Podcasts.

Live streams are not exactly new YouTube Live has been around since 2008, Ustream 2007 and Twitch 2011. But the fact that you don not need to install or sit by your computer to stream allows this frenzy to be so popular.

If you are not using video now then there is no time like the present to get started with it as believe me when I say people want to watch what you/your business is doing on a day to day basis. Back in 2006 who ever thought something like the Hills would take off? Then a year later The Kardashians? Now there is a Housewives in every city, state and town!

This is now the opportunity that you have with just a click of a button on your mobile to be in the next wave.

Short Form (Expiring) Content

To me what Snapchat and Instagram stories have done with expiring content is genius! When you think about a Tweet and how if it doesn’t catch a follower in the first 24 hours then the chances are they are not going to see it/ care ever again and expiring content is no different and so simple to do.

The main takeaway – it does not have to be perfect, similar to Live videos we are in the age of watching everyday people do everyday things which mean low production costs.

You see now that brands and businesses are getting more clever in how they utilise expiring content to connect with their followers and at the same time was a great time for Instagram to follow suit and bring out Instagram stories as it has now allowed and given more of a reason for businesses to join Instagram.

If you use expiring stories to your advantage no matter what you do you will start to see results in terms of engaging followers who cannot wait for your next post.

Building that Tribe

This is nothing new or different but with so many options now on social media whether it is who to follow, or who to watch building that relationship with your audience has become even more important. So if you wasn’t paying attention to this already then it’s time you did. While building your client base is extremely important, relationship marketing invests in current customers as well. It works to increase customer loyalty with the understanding that it’s much easier and less expensive to maintain customers than find new ones.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is, by now, a well recognised and essential strategy but still many users, brands and businesses are not strategizing right. The content you use on Snapchat is not always going to work on Facebook and surely not Twitter. Just like an image you post on Facebook may not work on Snapchat.

The reason you have different audiences in different places is because they are a fan of you and that platform, so if the platform is delivering for them what they want in terms of usability you have to be the one that comes and delivers the correct content for what they are seeking.

Think about taking your customer on a journey. No matter where they find you or how they interact with your product, the experience is seamless. From online to offline, one device to the next.

Quality is still King

It’s not enough to slap whatever you’d like up on social media these days; it all must be part of a thoughtful strategy. 2017 will bring an even larger appetite for quality content. Not only that but social media platforms increasingly favour posts of higher perceived relevance than just any low engagement, run of the mill post. Grabbing the attention of your followers is not just about always been in their face, but you also have to be relevant and know what they want.

We’re saturated with messages from all sides, so for your brand to stand out, you’ve got to pull away and offer a unique, fresh approach to the solution your company offers to a customers’ problem.

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