How New Social Networks Plan To Shrink The Internet To One Meaningful Story Per Day

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I follow 882 accounts on Twitter that together have produced 92 tweets within the last 10 minutes. Some of those tweets are updates from news organizations (Mad Men finale ratings have just been released, my binge-watching is killing the planet and a senator is planning to introduce a bill to make same-sex adoption legal in every state). Others are witty reactions to those tidbits. Several are live tweets from a conference I’m not attending.

None of them, however, are very interesting 10 minutes later -- at least, none of them I see after a quick scroll to catch up to the present. For all I know, there might be an evergreen pearl of content mixed in with these 92 tweets, but looking for it seems overwhelming. There’s just too much to sift through.

Two new social networks think they have an answer for this conundrum: They allow users to post only once per day.

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