Disgusting Ad Jokes About Incest, Child Abuse

Disgusting Ad Jokes About Incest, Child Abuse

Social media users are scolding a creepy ad that jokes about incest and pedophilia to sell socks.

AdWeek called attention to the spot from Burlington France. The short video, which was released in October, has sparked outrage among viewers on YouTube.

The ad's title, "Can You Sock Me?" telegraphs the premise of a young boy asking the question to his mother, who eagerly obliges in this double-entendre drivel. (Watch it, above.)

And that's not even the latest shlock from the European sock company, which appears to have a legitimate Facebook page packed with negative comments. The company's new ad (below) features a young man killing his hospitalized grandpa so he can take his socks.

The majority of YouTubers, both English- and French-speaking, expressed disgust with the "Can You Sock Me?" bit. "Someone looked at this and thought it was a good idea. Think about that for a moment," one wrote. Another penned, "Fock you, Burlington. Child molestation jokes aren't a good way to sell your crap."

Pain Surprises, the Parisian agency behind the videos, displays the Burlington work on its Facebook page; Burlington France's Facebook page does, too. Slate in France confirmed the ad is not a fake, though AdWeek noted that it's unclear whether or not Pain Surprises is making these ads for a "legitimate ad contract."

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