Soda Consumption In America: Who's Drinking Regular And Diet?


Despite its connection to obesity (and other potential health risks), soda still remains a popular beverage in the U.S., particularly among some demographic groups, according to a new report.

Gallup researchers interviewed 2,027 adults in the U.S. last month to find that 32 percent of adults mostly drink regular soda, 24 percent drink diet soda and 43 percent don't drink any soda. The demographic groups most likely to drink soda included young adults ages 18 to 29 (50 percent said they mostly drink regular soda), people who aren't white (46 percent said they mostly drink regular soda) and people with lower incomes (45 percent of people making less than $30,000 a year said they mostly drink regular soda).

For diet soda, women were more likely than men to say they mostly drank the beverage -- 46 percent versus 39 percent -- and older people were more likely to say they mostly drank it than younger adults -- 46 percent of people ages 50 and older.

Researchers also found some interesting links regarding diet soda consumption and weight, which you can see in the infographic below:

diet soda

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