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Soda Recipes: Dishes Made With The Soft Drink (PHOTOS)

Cakes, brownies, ribs, braised meats, cupcakes, biscuits ... they're all made with soda.

Sure, we drink soda (unless you're trying to avoid it, of course), but could you ever imagine cooking with it? You may have had an amazing root beer pulled pork, or even this slightly questionable Diet Coke brownies recipe. But how many more ways can soda be used in cooking?

Cakes, brownies, ribs, braised meats, cupcakes, biscuits, roast or grilled chicken -- the possibilities are practically endless. And these recipes go beyond Coke -- they use Sprite, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper and ginger ale. But feel free to use the soda of your choice. Check out all the recipes in the slideshow below!

What soda would you cook or bake with? Leave a comment below.

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Soda Recipes