The Best SodaStream Prime Day Deal We've Seen Isn't At Amazon

A surprisingly sustainable alternative to your La Croix addiction.

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In an attempt to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ve tried to cut down on unnecessary single-use plastics and aluminum cans when I can. But sometimes you just can’t, and because I’m only human (and this past week was hot as hell in New York) I picked up a 12-pack of La Croix on my way home after a swelteringly hot day. It’s been heaven cracking open an ice-cold can can every day after work — but after burning through the dozen cans in under a week (don’t judge...) I knew I had a problem.

As refreshing as that Pamplemousse was, I felt extremely guilty seeing all of those empty cans pile up in my recycling — not to mention the amount of money I would have to spend to fund this habit for the rest of the summer, at the rate I was sipping. So, when I saw this SodaStream Fizzi Black Sparkling Water Maker Kit on sale for Prime Day, I added it to add it to my cart without blinking. Here’s why.

A SodaStream allows you to create sparkling water and flavored drinks at home using a carbonator at the push of a button. In lay terms, that means you’ll never have to buy bottled sparkling water or canned seltzer again, which is not only good for your wallet — but good for your impact on the planet. (And replacement carbon canisters are easy to swap at your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond).

Normally $86, this SodaStream is on sale for just $67 at Walmart right now — the cheapest price we’ve seen on Prime Day. You can also find bigger bundles on sale right now with flavor additives and extra carbon cylinders at Target and Amazon, but if you’re looking for a very basic starter kit, this is the best deal we’ve spotted.