The Best Sofas For Different Lifestyles

The Best Sofas For Different Lifestyles

Of all the spaces in our homes, the kitchen often gets all the love. But the whole "heart of the home" idea is an equally fitting way to describe another one of our favorite spots -- the sofa.

From sleeping to TV-watching to "working" from home, the sofa is easily the most used piece of furniture in our homes, and that makes buying a long-lasting one a pretty big deal. There are the key factors you'll want to consider in your search (think: frame, springs and cushions, and check out this buying guide from our friends at, but there's something even more important to keep in mind, besides those nitty gritty details: how exactly do you plan on using your sofa the most?

If you're a napper who's ever tried of lying down on a sofa with high arms, for instance, you know exactly what we mean. Or maybe you're the parent whose toddler's grimey hands just landed on your expensive antique couch (#heartbreak). Whatever your lifestyle, there's a sofa out there for you. Here are a few common profiles to guide you through the process of buying one.

For The Parent (Or The Perpetual Redecorator)
So a single IKEA sofa may only get you through your child's elementary school years, but a well-made slipcover should last longer than that. Plus, you can stop stressing about that jumping-on-the-pillow-fort phase and throw the cover in the wash until your little one is over his or her grape jelly obsession.
IKEA Karlstad sofa, $499, with Marine Brera Lino fabric slipcover by Bemz, $519
For The TV-Watching Couple
Bassett Furniture
Couples argue about the most random things -- what to have for dinner, who's shows are hogging the DVR, who's hogging the sofa while you catch up on your shows on the DVR... Think of this sofa as a form of couple's therapy.
Beckham Pit sectional,
For The Consummate Host
Lazar Industries
This is your year to quit ignoring texts from those friends and family who happen to swing into town for the weekend. Open that door and this sleeper sofa, and be nice.
Tommy Condo sleeper sofa by Lazar Industries; $2,189,
For The Small-Space Dweller
West Elm
Know that person who falls head over heels for the floor model sofa at their favorite home store, only to get home and learn that it won't even fit through their door? Don't be that person.
Sutton Sofette, from $699,
For The Momentary Bachelor
Restoration Hardware
In its 2013 analysis of the sofa, The New York Times questioned some of our sofa-buying choices when it asked: "What if you’re a bachelor settled into an apartment, but don’t want to buy an expensive sofa a future wife might hate?"
Washington, D.C. interior designer Annie Elliott offered this answer: “I think it’s depressing to buy everything quasi-disposable... and wait for someone to 'rescue you from mediocrity.'”
We have another answer: Chelsea Leather Sofa; from $2995,
For The People Who Are Serious About Their Naps
As classic as this sofa looks, it actually has a trick up its sleeve, as Trend Hunter put it. The couch boasts folding armrests "that allow it to transform from a sophisticated couch to a more relaxed lounger in seconds."Did someone say nap time?
Piu sofa,
The Budget-Strapped New Homeowner
Interior Define
Everything claims to be the Warby Parker of something or other these days and this is the sofa version of the concept.What we love about this company is the free white-glove delivery, the 365-day returns and the opportunity to finally get rid of that futon from college.Rose Sofa, $1,500,
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