Sofia Vergara And Ellen Degeneres Shoot CoverGirl Commercial (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sofia Vergara And Ellen Degeneres Shoot CoverGirl Commercial

Who knew that Ellen Degeneres and Sofia Vergara were such a dynamic duo? They played off each other very well and somehow managed to keep a straight face while making fun of each other behind the scenes at the CoverGirl shoot.

"I'm dreading this, she is going to be a nightmare," Ellen says, then tries to imitate Sofia's accent, "that thick accent, 'and trying to talk, like she talks like this all the time, man!"

"I don't know, I don't understand English, I'm so sick of that routine," Ellen jokingly says.

But Sofia knows just how to play it as she teaches Ellen a little Spanish. Ellen repeats after Sofia, "Mi nombre... es Ellen. Yo hablo... español... muy feo." Meaning, "My name is Ellen. I speak Spanish very ugly," followed by Sofia's famous sinister smile.

"But do you see how hard it is to act in another language? Now you know what I do every day, it's exhausting," says Sofia to Ellen.

Playful jabs, of course, all in good fun.

The commercial will start airing in January 2012.

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