Sofia Vergara's Bikini Body Was The Breakout Star Of 'Fuera De Serie,' To No One's Complaint (VIDEOS)

Sofia Vergara is ridiculously hot, that we know. But even before making huge bucks on TV's highly successful "Modern Family," Vergara was a television personality in Latin America -- and her amazing bikini body was the breakout star of her show.

From 1995 to 1998, then 20-something Vergara starred in Univision's "Fuera de Serie," a travel series that sent her to various exotic locales that all had one thing in common: They required the bombshell to strip down to a teeny bikini.

In the video above, for example, Vergara is wearing a thong bikini and gets a massage that includes covering her entire body in mud.

In the video below, the now 40-year-old star changes three bikinis in just under a minute. Because why have Sofia Vergara in one bikini when you can have her in three, right?!

You're welcome.



Sofia Va-Va-Voom Vergara