Sofia Vergara: Is She Taking The Latino Stereotype Too Far?

Is She Taking It Too Far?

Sofia Vergara has a made a career for herself playing the stereotypical loud and boisterous Gloria in the show “Modern Family.” And what can we say? The woman is effortlessly charming.

Unforgivable stereotypes sound endearing in that thick accent of hers (possibly her most memorable cliché). And the louder she yells, the harder we laugh.

But as alluring as she is, has the Colombian actress taken the Latina stereotype too far?

In the latest issue of Esquire Magazine which hits news stands this April, Vergara hits pretty much every cliché in the book--the nosey Latino family, the controlling and overly sexy Latina and the idea that maids are imperative in the Latinas life, to name a few.

On Latinas Being Sexy:

"Look, if you're sexy, if you like dressing sexy, you're not doing anything more than feeling beautiful," Vergara says in her interview. "A Latina just wants to walk into a place and feel great. Somebody is going to turn around and look. So a Latina better find a guy who understands that, even appreciates it, because it's a compliment."

It sounds like Gloria is not the only one who rejoices on stereotypes but also Vergara outside the TV screen.

“I don’t see anything bad about being stereotyped as a Latin woman,” Vergara previously said to The Daily Beast. “We are yellers, we’re pretty, we’re sexy, and we’re scandalous. I am not scared of the stereotypes."

Also in her Esquire Magazine interview, Vergara talked about maids being “central” to a South American household:

“Listen, I didn't know how to make coffee when I came to the United States. Because in Colombia the maids do it. A mother tells the maids what to cook. The mothers are like conductors of the household. But they're not really doing it."

"It's so different over there. You have the maid that cooks. The maid that irons the clothes. It's a hard adjustment. When I came to the United States and started working, my priority was not to buy a handbag but to spend my money on the maid and a nanny. Always.”

"I always tell my guy friends who are complaining that their Latina girlfriends want a maid: 'Listen, this is for your own good. You don't want a woman who is tired all day long, taking care of the kids, cooking, doing everything. She'll never be any fun. She'll never want to go out with you because she'll be exhausted. She'll never want to sleep with you. So this is an investment you're making for your love life. Think of it that way.'"

On Latinas wearing smaller bathing suits:

"When I moved to the United States, I used to have bathing suits brought up from Colombia.

There's nothing slutty about a dental-floss bikini. You don't even think about it. The first bathing suit your mother buys you is in the shape of a triangle."

Read the rest of Vergara’s interview in Esquire Magazine right here.

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