Sofia Vergara Takes A Trip To Disneyland With The Cast Of Modern Family

The cast of "Modern Family" headed to "Disneyland" this past Wednesday to film one of their upcoming episodes. It was a perfect day for shooting since the amusement park celebrates Leap Day by keeping it's doors open for 24 hrs. While the kids seemed to have a great time during the filming we can't really say the same about Sofia Vergara or her character Gloria.

With heels in hand (we never thought we would see Gloria without her pumps) Vergara looks terrified as she goes over the falls of Splash Mountain, with a plastic poncho and a look like she's about to cry. She's definitely pulling a classic Gloria scream in the ride too. Meanwhile, in true Manny-style, her son is nonchalant about the ride taking a personal call during the splash. Rico shared his excitement about being in Disneyland via Twitter "Filming with @SofiaVegara at the happiest place on Earth! #lifeisgood." No word on if Sofia Vergara thought so too.

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