Sofia Vergara Transforms Into Peggy Bundy And Teases 'Modern Family' Co-Star Ed O'Neill

Throwback Thursday.

 Sofia Vergara just brought us all on a trip down memory lane.

For her latest Instagram selfie, the actress channeled her inner Peggy Bundy (a character originally played by Katey Sagal) by wearing a ridiculously voluminous red wig, complete with heavy fringe and big curls. 

The 43-year-old star used the photo to tease her "Modern Family" co-star and onscreen husband Ed O'Neill, who starred as Peggy's husband Al on "Married ... with Children," back before be became Jay Pritchett. 

"Do you like this look Ed Oneal[sic]???😂😂😂😂😂," she wrote alongside the funny snap.

We're not sure if the costume will be part of an upcoming episode of "Modern Family" -- maybe some sort of flashback/dream scene? -- or if it was just for fun, but either way, we definitely appreciate the joke. 

Your move, O'Neill. 


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