Sofia Vergara's #1 Beauty Secret Could Save Your Life

It's so simple.
Sun-kissed goddess? More like sunscreen goddess. 
Sun-kissed goddess? More like sunscreen goddess. 

It turns out, Sofía Vergara’s biggest anti-aging beauty tip can be found at a drugstore near you. 

In a recent interview with Latina magazine, published Monday, the 44 year-old actress was asked about her “#1 beauty secret to looking so youthful and flawless.” Vergara’s answer was simple:

SPF of at least 50 every day. I like to be informed as well on new trends in health and wellness.

It’s not the first time the Colombian-born star has revealed bits about her anti-aging regimen, in 2014 she told Redbook she’s used Crème de la Mer for years, but this new tip is one that doubles as a practice that could save lives among other people of color.

Why? In July, a study by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that while whites are more likely to be diagnosed with cutaneous melanoma, it remains far more fatal among people of color. African American patients had the lowest survival rate, likely linked to the fact they were also most likely to be diagnosed in later stages.

“Our results suggest that more emphasis is needed for melanoma screening and awareness in non-white populations to improve survival outcomes,” the study’s conclusion reads. 

And one doctor-recommended way to prevent skin cancer is to use sun protection. 

“The scientific facts are inescapable—regular use of sun protection reduces skin cancer and cancer precursors,” Dr. David Leffell, a skin cancer researcher at Yale School of Medicine, told Reuters in August. “The benefits of sun protection and the incontrovertible evidence of sunburn and chronic sun exposure as a cause of about 60 percent of melanomas should inspire people to continue reasonable sun protection if they fit into the moderate to high risk groups, and even if they don’t.”

Smart move, Sofía. 



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