Sofia Vergara Unveils Kmart Clothing Collection (PHOTO, POLL)

Actress Sofia Vergara can add "slash-designer" to her title, having created a clothing collection for Kmart that will hit stores come fall. Priced from $9.99 to $49.99, the offerings will include "miniskirts, jeggings, leopard bustiers, tight dresses and sultry tunics," according to WWD.

Vergara apparently had her sights set on Kmart for some time, explaining to the fashion newspaper:

"This is not a new store for me. When you have kids you don't go to Bergdorf Goodman to buy underwear and socks. You go to Kmart." She also said she wanted Kmart because it has a large Latino clientele.

Asked what she likes best in the collection, which is actually inspired by items in her own closet, Vergara said, "I love the dresses, especially because Kmart doesn't really have that kind of merchandise. There is no dress department. I also love the miniskirts most."

Miniskirts aside, President of LF USA Rick Darling who worked on the collection insisted that the collection would be appropriate for the big box's shoppers, noting, "We think Vergara's perfect. We don't see her as risqué at all -- just a lot of fun with a wonderful attitude, solid fashion sense and flair, and with a sound business side."

Take a first look at Sofia's collection, courtesy of WWD:

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