Soft-Serve Beer Foam By Japanese Brewery Kirin Now Available In Tokyo (VIDEO)

The hottest new discovery in the beer world may actually be frozen.

That's because a team of inventors at the Japanese brewing giant Kirin have figured out how to create frozen foam and dispense it on top of a beer like soft-serve ice cream, reported.

The innovation has chilling implications for the beer industry, as the foam is frozen to 23 degrees Fahrenheit and air is continuously blown into it. When the literally ice-cold beer is placed onto regular, unfrozen beer, it acts as an insulating lid and keeps the drink cold for 30 minutes, according to

The frozen foam machine is only available in Tokyo, but The Daily Meal predicts it will soon be a hot item in the United States.

But it's not the only ice cold innovation coming to the rescue of boozehounds.

Joseph Company International will soon be launching its West Coast Chill all-natural energy drink, which will come in a special patented "Chill Can" that can decrease the temperature of the liquid inside by 30 degrees Fahrenheit when buyers press a tab on the can, reported.

In addition, the LG appliance company recently unveiled a new refrigerator with a built-in "Blast Chiller" that can cool a can of beer or soda to ice-cold in just a few minutes.

But while companies are spending lots of money figuring out how to get beer and other beverages cold as ice, an Atlanta craft brewery called Frozen Pints has decided to focus on making a product that is literally cool, by selling ice cream made from craft beer flavors like Peach Lambic, Pumpkin Ale and Cinnamon Espresso Stout.

So far, the ice creams are only available at select events in Atlanta, but are creating such a brew-haha that the company owners hope to bring them into area stores soon.