Celebrate Soft-Shell Crab Season With These Epic Recipes

Quick, before the season ends!

If you need another reason to start eating seafood this spring -- aside from these amazing clam recipes and lobster rolls -- we have got it. Soft-shell crabs are coming into season and we have a very limited amount of time to enjoy them.

If you haven't tried or even heard of soft shell crabs, consider this your lucky day. You've never had anything that tastes as perfectly fresh as these, with just the right amount of ocean saltiness. These crustaceans are the game changer of seafood.

Basically, soft-shell crabs are blue crabs that are shedding their shells -- making them a lot easier to eat. During the summer months when they're in season, restaurants serve them in all sorts of interesting ways. But we think you can make them ever better at home. Give it a shot with the recipes below.

Soft Shelled Crab With Pastured Butter, Lemon And Capers
Goldilocks Finds Manhattan
Get the Soft Shelled Crab with Pastured Butter, Lemon and Capers from Goldilocks Finds Manhattan
Soft Shell Crab Pakora Po’ Boy
Perfect Morsel
Get the Soft Shell Crab Pakora Po’ Boy recipe from Perfect Morsel
Waffles Maryland Style
Wild Greens And Sardines
Get the Waffles Maryland Style recipe from Wild Greens And Sardines
Panko-crusted Soft Shell Crab With Ginger Ponzu Sauce
Rasa Malaysia
Soft-Shell Crab Pasta
Wishful Chef
Get the Soft-Shell Crab Pasta recipe from Wishful Chef
Crispy Salt And Pepper Soft Shell Crab
Goldilocks Finds Manhattan
Get the Crispy Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab recipe from Goldilocks Finds Manhattan
Tempura Soft Shell Crab
The Hungry Excavator
Get the Tempura Soft Shell Crab recipe from The Hungry Excavator
Cornmeal Crusted Soft Shell Crab With Buttermilk Apple And Chive Coleslaw
Pitchfork Diaries
Spicy Soft-Shell Crab
Nutmeg Nanny
Get the Spicy Soft-Shell Crab recipe from Nutmeg Nanny
Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs With Pea Shoots & Orange-Sesame Emulsion
Zen Can Cook
Cornmeal-Crusted Fried Soft-Shell Crabs
Sassy Radish

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