This Behind-The-Back Bunt Almost Doesn't Make Sense At First

But it's worth watching until your brain can comprehend it.

Most of life is just more of the same. Day in and day out, we eat the same breakfast, commute to the same job or school, sit at the same desk, head to the same lunch spot, return home at roughly the same time and finally, slip into the same bed, ready to do the whole thing over again tomorrow.  

But once every very so often, something truly different happens. There are moments, brief moments, when the possibility of the world seems ever so slightly larger, and within that slight opening you can see that there is still room in this world for innovation and change. Yes, there is darkness all around us, and yes, most of the time we are helpless to do anything but ignore it. But holy crap, what about this girl successfully getting a single out of a behind-the-back bunt? Damn.



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