See A Clip From 'Solace,' The Movie That Was Once Supposed To Be A 'Se7en' Sequel

The thriller stars Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell.

Solace” is interesting because it was reportedly rewritten from its original form to be a sequel to “Se7en,” then rewritten again to become what it is now: a thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. Hopkins’ character, a psychic doctor on the hunt for a serial killer (Farrell), was transformed into the detective Morgan Freeman played in David Fincher’s film. Now he’s back to Dr. John Clancy, who teams up with an FBI agent (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to stop the assailant’s murders. 

The Huffington Post and its parent company, AOL, have a joint exclusive clip featuring a meeting between Hopkins and Farrell. Watch below, and catch the movie in select theaters and via on-demand platforms Dec. 16.

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