Solange Knowles Tries The No-Pants Look At Beyonce's Film Premiere (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Solange Knowles Takes A Page Out Of Lena Dunham's Style Book

Solange Knowles has done a masterful job of establishing herself as a style figure independent of her shining star of a sister Beyonce. So naturally, Bey's little sis made sure to turn it out for last night's premiere of "Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream."

The only problem was that it looked like she miiiiight have forgotten her pants.

That's right, the "Losing You" singer had her very own Lena Dunham moment at the unveiling of the HBO documentary. You know the moment we're talking about: the time Lena seemingly made a red carpet appearance sans bottoms and a media circus ensued.

Of course, Solange had a much edgier take on the look. The crisp white micro mini resembled a button-up dress shirt while her simple black high-heeled sandals complimented without overtaking the outfit. But when a star decides to go entirely without pants, is she taking the concept of minimalism too literally?

That we'll leave up to you. Check out Solange's look from last night's premiere and tell us what you think!


solange knowles

solange knowles

Check out Solange Knowles' always-edgy style!

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