Store: This Solar Battery Pack Eliminates Low-Battery Anxiety When You're Off The Grid

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We’re bombarded by screens all day, every day, and getting away from them can do wonders for your state of mind. Realistically, however, you can’t disconnect completely. What if there’s an emergency back home, or if you have an accident or get lost?

Keeping your phone juiced up during your off-the-grid adventures can be challenging, but the rugged SolarJuice External Battery should do the trick. Whether you need your phone for navigation or for communicating with fellow hikers or campers, this power pack can charge your it multiple times over.

Here’s how it works: The SolarJuice soaks up the sun’s rays, converts them into energy, and stores them in a massive battery pack. That pack can charge several kinds of everyday devices multiple times, simultaneously, while powering its own built-in flashlight. Plus, since it’s rain-resistant, dirt-proof, and shock-proof, it can basically withstand anything you or nature throws at it.

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SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Battery - $46.99

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