Solar Bikini Charges Your Gadgets On The Beach (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTOS: Charge Your iPod...With Your Bikini?

Presenting the geekiest beachwear ever: the solar-powered swimsuit.

The Solar Bikini, designed by Andrew Schneider of Brooklyn, uses the sun to charge iPods, iPhones, and any other gadgets with a USB connector, reports the New York Post.

The suit uses conductive thread and thin photo-voltaic panels, creating a sort of chain-mail fabric that gives the bikini a medieval armor-meets-21st century look. The solar power absorbed by the panels charges any gadget that can be plugged into the suit's USB ports, sewn right into the fabric.

Schneider is in the process of creating a men's swimsuit using the same technology to chill beers, cutely-dubbed the iDrink.

You can even swim in the Solar Bikini, with one crucial caveat: "You just need to be dry before hooking up [your gadgets]," Schneider told the Daily Mail. There are easier ways to get a sizzling tan.

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