Solar City Brings Affordable Solar and Jobs to Colorado

Today, we have the privilege to announce the arrival of Solar City to Colorado. They perform a mix of residential and commercial and have a business and financial model that opens up access to solar with no money down and affordable monthly payments for less than your current utility bill. It is now cheaper to go with solar in Colorado.

If you have ever looked into solar before but decided that you could not afford the money out of pocket to get it -- now is a great time to think again.

By signing up you can save money on your utility bill, increase the renewable energy mix in Colorado, improve our energy independence and help to create jobs in our state.

If you are interested in getting solar on your home or business, you can contact them at or at (888)765-2489. Spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested.

Gov. Ritter held a press conference today along with the Governor's Energy Office and the Office of Economic Development to welcome Solar City to Colorado. We were also pleased to welcome Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally.

They are coming to Colorado because of SB 09-51 (M.Carroll - Levy). Prior to passage of last year's Renewable Energy Finance Act, 3rd party ownership was prohibited in state law. The bill removed that barrier, opening up leasing models, and affordable ways for Colorado families to join the green revolution.

Today is a great day for Colorado jobs and the environment. Thank you to you and all the citizens who helped pass these necessary reforms.