"Solar Energy Powered Homes" - The Light of the Future

"Solar Energy Powered Homes" - The Light of the Future
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We’re living in an age of profound change; rapidly evolving and constantly variable in how it enshrines our lives.

From the way we drive our cars, to the way we travel, to how we eat – and everything in between. The world is at a great precipice of human development, technological advancement and infrastructure headways.

Amongst these great wonders of progress, the way we power our homes is one of the most compelling things in existence.

While the planet and the governments of the countries spanning its map are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the need to be responsible when it comes to renewable energy is all the more crucial. One of these environment-friendly realms is Solar Energy.

Solar energy is environmental friendly, safe and in abundant supply. Afterall, the Sun is here to stay, as it has been for thousands of years since the very inception of everything in existence. Like a constantly burning oil lamp suspended in space, the sun has been the sole source of heat and energy for our planet and the inhabitants therein since time immemorial.

Moreover, solar energy is far better for the environment and can help offset energy costs for home owners the world over.

Yes, costs. That’s what it all comes down to in the end, doesn’t it?

I pay an insane amount of bills for electricity at my luxury condo high-rise building in central Toronto, even though it is the size of a shoe box! Electricity costs are the fundamental chunk of one’s salary, aside from rent and car insurance, that goes into any one’s living expenditures.

To find the answers to my woes – and that of many home owners and families across North America - I set out recently on a noble quest to unravel more about the residential solar power industry; researching, reading up articles and watching documentaries. Through the pitfalls of my tumultuous odyssey while in New Jersey, USA, I came in contact with Bill Hoey, CEO of NJ Solar Power, LLC

Bill is a simple man with a foresight that is extraordinary. The passion for free renewable energy and a genuine love for the environment exudes from his persona.

I asked him how and why solar energy is a necessity in this day and age and not merely a want. He replied with a patient yet endearing glint in his eyes, “To effectively manage anything requires the ability to measure it, thus by bench-marking and monitoring all energy usage you can quickly determine meaningful savings opportunities. If you apply the same logic of monitoring and understanding of production maximisation of free renewable power, you have the ability to realise sustainable financial win-win results."

The biggest challenge I personally see today is that solar energy is the most widely available source of ‘free’ renewable energy that humanity can ever benefit from. Yet, it’s not free! Home owners really aren’t saving a lot. Big corporations are taking a huge chunk from the pockets of ordinary Americans, and that’s not cool!

However, while learning about Solar Energy in New Jersey, I was fascinated to find out from my sources that solar energy currently only exists in merely a handful of states such New Jersey, California and Florida.

Nonetheless, in all practicality, what it comes down to in the end is the Federal Government. Whether it’s a 5 year plan or a 10 year plan, a lot of the dynamics in the solar and renewable energy sector are driven with Federal Tax Reforms and Policies. Hence, the industry is forced to heavily rely on Income Tax Credits. If those incentives were ever to be taken away, the solar market will nosedive to its demise.

Forward-thinking solar power and energy solutions providing companies are constantly striving in formulating more robust ways to help the residential, commercial and governmental sectors with cost-effectiveness that is viable in the long-run.

The planet is for us all to to share equally, and that share of dividends also includes the majesty and wondrous energy of the sun. It is the light to our solar system and the warmth to our hearts. Let’s keep it that way!

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