Solar Flare Eruption Recorded By NASA (VIDEO)

A large and stunning solar flare was captured on camera by NASA this past week. According to the BBC, the eruption lasted about 90 minutes, and was the latest in a series of sunstorms.

NASA caught the flare in extreme ultraviolet light, using high definition and a cadence of a frame taken every 24 seconds, making the sense of motion appear seamless. The eruptions created a "tendril of plasma" (a solar prominence), which can be seen in the video.

Earlier this month, massive solar flares threatened to disrupt power grids and communication systems on Earth. But this most recent flare was not aimed at earth, and thus was not considered a threat to satellites or other systems. Fortunately for Earthlings, this week the solar flare just made for an awesome video.

WATCH the eye-popping solar flare:

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