Soledad O'Brien Grills Rep. Joe Heck On Susan Rice (VIDEO)

Soledad O'Brien's interview with Rep. Joe Heck on Thursday morning grew somewhat awkward when she asked the congressman to repeat himself over and over again.

O'Brien asked Heck what he would like to learn from Gen. David Petraeus when he testifies before a congressional hearing on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. She then asked him if he would prevent Ambassador Susan Rice's confirmation if the president attempted to nominate her for secretary of state.

"The fact is you can't put somebody out as the face of the issue on all the Sunday morning talk shows, and then turn around weeks later and say she knew nothing about the incident and had nothing to do with it. That's just plainly wrong," he said.

O'Brien likened the situation with Rice to Condoleezza Rice when she said that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. "If you use that measurement...and then later you determine that the information was wrong, isn't that exactly analogous to what happened with Condoleezza Rice?"

"I don't believe so, because here we had a situation where the information was wrong, not coming back and saying the person had nothing to do with the situation. I mean Condy Rice was in a position to be able to be the face, and the information was wrong. But here we had wrong information, and then weeks later, we have the administration coming back and saying, 'Well this person had nothing to do with the situation,'" Heck said.

O'Brien said she would like to go through his response more slowly. When Heck tried to clarify, O'Brien cut him off and said, "You've lost me completely. Let's back up again. I'm sorry, forgive me. But you've lost me."

"So in both cases," O'Brien said, "you have someone who says, 'We had intelligence. The intelligence is wrong. What I said is wrong because the intelligence was wrong.' How is this not analogous?"

Heck attempted to clarify once again but O'Brien cut him off, asking fellow panelist Charles Blow to help her. "I'm not trying to be facetious. I'm trying to figure out what he's saying," she said.



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