Soledad O'Brien Questions Mitt Romney Claim He 'Misspoke' On 'Very Poor' Comments (VIDEO)

Soledad O'Brien questioned Mitt Romney's claim that he "misspoke" when he said that he was not concerned about the very poor.

The GOP frontrunner made the controversial remark in an interview with O'Brien on Wednesday morning, after his victory in the Florida primary. His comment was roundly criticized, and on Thursday, he told interviewers that he "misspoke" and made a "slip up on a word."

O'Brien appeared skeptical on Friday morning. "That was after he repeated his stance twice actually on our show," she said. She wondered why the campaign had decided to lay the blame on a misstatement.

O'Brien said she wanted to know what Romney meant when he cited the social safety net as the reason why he was not concerned about the poor. "What is, really, Mitt Romney's stance on certain issues?" she asked. "When he talks about 'I'm going to repair that safety net'... where does he stand on the things that we consider the safety net?"

Panelist Ron Brownstein pointed out that Romney has actually made a version of the same comments a part of his stump speech. O'Brien agreed. "It looked contradictory to what we know," she said.

Later in the show, O'Brien took this point further when talking to tax hawk Grover Norquist and the American Prospect's Robert Kuttner.

Citing Brownstein to Kuttner, she said, "If this was a misstatement or if he misspoke, or if he slipped up on a word, and that's all quoting the governor, you know, he's really been keeping this message across the entire campaign trail that that sounds like that is just not completely true. Do you think that, in fact, that this is against the policies that he believes in or what?"

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