Soledad O'Brien To Tea Party's Amy Kremer: Questioning Obama's Love Of America Is 'Code Word For Something Else' (VIDEO)

WATCH: O'Brien, CNN Panelists Stump Tea Party Activist

Soledad O'Brien and the panelists on Tuesday's "Starting Point" got into a testy exchange with Tea Party activist Amy Kremer over her allegation that President Obama doesn't "love America the way we do."

Last week, Kremer — the chairperson of the Tea Party Express group — tweeted that the difference between Obama and Mitt Romney was that Mitt loves America. When asked to explain what she meant, Kremer had some trouble expressing herself. She said that Obama was "more about being one world" and "not about the shining city on the hill."

The panel remained skeptical. O'Brien suggested that her statement was "code word for something else," while Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter wanted to know what Kremer's talking points about Romney's record had to do with Obama's patriotism.

When pressed further, Kremer responded, "I don't believe that [Obama] loves America the way that we do."

"We who?" Nutter asked. Kremer repeated her claim that Obama was "more about one world."

"What does that mean?" Nutter asked. "I just explained it to you," she responded testily. "I don't know how else to explain it."

Later, the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza asked if she was referring to "leading from behind," a line that an Obama aide used to describe the administration's approach to Libya. She said she was, and he proceeded to correct her understanding of the phrase.

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