Solenne San Jose, French Woman, Slammed With Quadrillion Dollar Phone Bill

Woman Slammed With QUADRILLION Dollar Phone Bill

There are large phone bills and then there are insane phone bills. Solenne San Jose, a woman from Pessac, in the Bordeaux region of France, received an utterly insane one.

After she terminated a contract with the phone company Bouygues Telecom early, San Jose was told that she would have to pay a cancellation fee. The exact amount would be sent in a final bill to her home in late September, the company said, according to the French news provider Sud Ouest.

The bill she received was for a mind-blowing €11,721,000,000,000,000, the Herald Sun reported. That's around $15 quadrillion.

"There were so many zeros I couldn't even work out how much it was," San Jose told Sud Ouest. And though it seemed like an obvious billing mistake, San Jose had a hard time convincing the phone company that was the case.

According to Sud Ouest, representatives at Bouygues Telecom initially insisted the amount -- nearly 6,000 times larger than France's 2011 GDP -- would automatically be withdrawn from her bank account.

A few undoubtedly stressful conversations with customer service later, Bourgues Telecom acknowledged Solenne would only be billed for €117.21. According to the Christian Post, officials attributed the outlandish bill to a printing error.

San Jose isn't the first person to have been shocked by a cell phone bill, though her bill is one of the largest we've ever seen. John Gibson, a Canadian resident vacationing in the U.S., was hit with a mobile bill for nearly $11,000 after he let his grandchildren stream several Netflix movies during a family vacation. Maria Francis, a Sacramento woman, was slammed with a $1,558.95 bill from Verizon after returning home from a vacation abroad.

These stories are a good reminder that it's important to check your bills before automatically paying them at the end of the month.

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