Solid Investment Strategies -- Financial Plan vs. Gene Therapy Plan

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In our Western culture, the concept of having a financial advisor to educate and create a financial plan -- both to realize short-term goals and best secure long-term financial health -- is widely utilized. These advisors help us to understand the various, and oftentimes complex, financial instruments available, the combinations in which they could be structured, and how they can be used to forecast a sunny outlook.

It makes sense then that such a novel concept be applied to a wellness plan as well. And it has! The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle, written by Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, effectively explains and provides a template for just how the science of foods can affect gene expression, referred to as nutrigenetics. This book, with its breath of knowledge, bounded in a relatively easy to comprehend manner can be eaten up without any guilt (pun intended). By understanding the basics of our DNA's nutritional needs, we can embrace greater awareness towards a healthy diet, the crux of an efficient body. A no-brainer!

In a simplified way, I liken it to understanding the need for balance between proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water. Similar to knowing the basics between stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and cash, this intake combination can be adopted by mainstream society as well, and can also be tweaked to more specifically accommodate the unique needs of the individual.

So how does a body experiencing cell mutation, commonly known as cancer, cease to further attack and harm healthy cells? How does a feedback loop of unhealthy eating or overeating change with the right food prescription? How can we transform an overly "sweet" disruption of our blood sugar metabolism from diabetes to good energy formation? How can we heal the conditions of obstruction and thinning walls in a broken heart to reinforce a solid lining? These are a few prevalent examples, where complex and intricate processes start to break down and effectively lose communication with one another; coursing the body toward disease and disorder.

The simple truth is this: Though our body is very complex, more so than the most super-duper computer known to man, it still follows a routine and rhythmic process that is now well studied and documented by science. So when it fails, and something hinders those lines of communication, an improper flow ensues, and begins to break down like any structure would.


As the wise and deliberate individual plans for his or her retirement, this book teaches and gives us, like any solid plan, options, that are designed to help us make "good" in our wellness account. The well-being that can be experienced with frequent positive deposits will help ensure a smooth transition from wherever we are, to where we end up. Following this plan will greatly support healing, and supply a healthy serving of vitality in the years to come. To quote Benjamin Franklin, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Learning and practicing how to eat the right foods can do just that. Start today!