Soloman Harris, 8th Grade Student, Allegedly Shot By Bullies With BB Gun (VIDEO)

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LOS ANGELES - The last place a mother thinks her child will get shot is in class.

But that's exactly what happened to Soloman Harris, an eighth grade student at Curtiss Middle School, he told NBC. In the heartbreaking video above, Harris said he was shot in the back and face as he sat in class by two classmates who regularly bully him.

"They call me gay, talk about my bumps on my nose, and my face and just how I talk," Harris said. "I felt it, and all day going through school, I was like, why me?"

The alleged bullies, a boy and a girl, had shown Harris the gun, which he thought was a toy gun. Harris' mom is also a teacher in the same school district, LAUSD. She plans on moving her son to another school because she doesn't feel he is safe at Curtiss.

LAUSD police told NBC it plans to fill out a crime report to investigate the incident.

In October 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown signed "Seth's Law," named after Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old junior high student who committed suicide in September 2010 after being subject to constant harassment at school for being gay. A federal investigation determined that school officials had ignored the bullying.

The law mandates that districts implement updated anti-discrimination policies to include actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, in addition to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability and religion. It also requires districts to notify students and parents of their rights and how to advocate for them.



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