Could We Solve The World's Biggest Problems With Emotions?


Hear me out:

What is behind our most pressing problems in the world, e.g. poverty, pollution, hunger and violent conflicts? What causes them?

Isn't it ultimately people's decisions, emotions and behavior. Governments and people do not care enough the environment but act selfissly and for example pollute the waters. One group of people create anger and hate towards other group of people which result to violent conflicts. The list goes on.

Do you see: caring, selfishness, anger, hate - they are norman human emotions which can lead to certain behavior.

So ultimately: if we drill down from macrolevel to microlevel, we come down to one person and his/her emotions and behavior. How does this person decide to act?

Think what would happen if we all decided to do our next action so that it would create positive ripple effect instead of negative?

Wouldn't that change the world for the better?