Somali Pirates Aim To Donate 'Avast' Sum To Haiti

Somali Pirates Aim To Donate 'Avast' Sum To Haiti

Here's an idea for a new holiday: Give Like A Pirate Day.

That's right. According to Good, spokesmen for the so-called "Somali pirates" say they want to give part of their loot captured from transnational boats to Haiti relief.

In the article, translated on, leaders of the pirate groups say they can ensure the delivery of aid without being detected by the "enemy governments".

"The humanitarian aid to Haiti can not be controlled by the United States and
European countries; they have no moral authority to do so. They are the ones
pirating mankind for many years," said the Somali spokesman.

Earnest gesture or just great fodder for the next Disney franchise? We're not sure yet.

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