Somalia Famine Anniversary: 10 Questions Answered

Twelve months after the declaration of famine in Somalia, World Food Programme provides 10 simple questions with relative answers in order to better explain what the situation is now like.

July 20 is the one-year anniversary of the declaration of famine in Somalia -- a moment that, for many, marked the start of the 2011 food crisis in the Horn of Africa. What's the situation 12 months on? Here are 10 simple questions with (relatively) simple answers:

Somalia 1 Year After Famine

Key numbers:

The ongoing food crisis in Somalia continues to affect some 2.5 million people across the country. 1.7 million of those people live in southern Somalia where WFP and other aid agencies have limited access. Since this time last year, WFP has reached around 1.5 million people in Somalia with food assistance. Around 15,000 people are now receiving food vouchers in the central parts of the country where there is food to be bought in the markets. The malnutrition rate among children under age 5 has dropped from 30 percent to 22 percent over the past six months.


This post originally appeared on the World Food Programme blog.

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