Some cosmetic surgery procedures can improve your health

Some cosmetic surgery procedures can improve your health
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There is a general idea that cosmetic surgery procedures are used just to improve one’s looks. Cosmetic surgery also has a side that isn’t frequently considered. While many people do actually use cosmetic surgery to look better, others do it to improve their health and to help their bodies feel better. A few examples would be the correction of physical defects with which a person was born. Some people want to have reconstructive surgeries after being healed of breast or skin cancer. Cosmetic surgery is not just about being gorgeous, but also about having a better quality of life for yourself.

If you are curious how cosmetic surgery can actually improve your health and increase the quality of your life, we invite you to take a look at the following information. Putting aside the fact that most people appeal to cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons, it can help people breathe better, see better, live free of neck and back pain, and increases self-esteem.

Do you have problems breathing but it is not due to a cold or allergies? Do you have to manage a stuffy nose although it is warm outside? Do your family members complain that you snore? Whether you have these problems or you know someone who does, it is worth knowing that plastic surgery can correct these issues and help you breathe better. All of these happen because your nose may not be straight as it should, making the air flow in and out of the nose with difficulty.

Rhinoplasty or nasal plastic surgery is extremely useful in the previously mentioned cases, because it corrects a deviated nasal septum and allows the person to breathe easier and more comfortably. Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is not just about having a perfect nose, but also about alleviating anatomical defects that prevent you from breathing right. You may have a hump on your nose or you a crooked nose, due to an accident or being born with an abnormality. Rhinoplasty can not only can correct the shape of your nose, but also take care of the defects that come along and may cause breathing problems. So, besides getting a nose with a balanced and harmonious shape, you will also be able to breathe better, sleep better, and rid yourself of snoring. Shortly after the surgery you will sense a better flow of oxygen through your nose, which will mean calmer nights and reduced breathing problems.

Dr. Gregory Chernoff performs excellent rhinoplasty surgeries due to his extensive reconstructive surgical background. He has rebuilt whole noses for numerous patients and he also performs revisions on patients who have gone to other surgeons and are now experiencing trouble breathing. If you want to make sure that the best surgeon in the plastic surgery field is taking care of your nose, the central piece of your face, make an appointment with Dr. Greg Chernoff to see what he can do for you.

Choose not to live in discomfort anymore, because your health and life can be improved with the help of plastic surgery. Choose to look better and rest better, due to your improved breathing created through rhinoplasty.

Do you have heavy eyelids or feel your eyelids reduce your vision? There are many people out there that have droopy eyelids, which may be a congenital defect that presented itself at birth. Because of these eyelids, you may not be able to see properly, just like something is constantly shading your eyes. Not only may you experience bad vision due to droopy eyelids, but you may also look tired all the time, even if you don’t feel tired. It is because the eyelids that make you look like you are sleepy and fatigued all the time. Correcting the eyelids will, in this case, help improve your vision and also give your face a more pleasant aspect. You won’t look beat all the time and there won’t be something that shades your eyes anymore. Even if this problem did not bother you until recently, as you get older the skin on your eyelids will continue to sag more. You may already feel that you are getting tired or sleepy when reading or while driving your car. This happens due to the strain put on your eyes, as they struggle to do a good job under the droopy eyelid.

With the help of an upper eyelid surgery, your vision will definitely be improved. The purpose of the surgery is to remove all the excess skin and tissue that burden the eyelid and make it drop. When having this surgery, you could also get your eyebrows lifted as well, so when you’ll wake up after surgery, you will look younger and will have a rested appearance. Not to mention that you will see much better and your eyes will not have to work so hard to see clear images. You won’t just solve an aesthetics problem, but will also make your life easier and enjoy much better eyesight.

Hopefully, this information helps you realize that plastic surgery is not always about being pretty. This is only a bonus, the real benefits in some cases being health and comfort. If you find yourself in one of the previously mentioned situations, know that your life can be better. Not only will you look better, enjoy more attention from the people around you, and have an improved self-esteem, but you will also feel the health benefits of breathing and seeing better. These are two of the most important things we should all enjoy without a worry. You do not have to live with these problems because you can correct them and enjoy a more comfortable life. Talk with Dr. Gregory Chernoff about the problem you want to correct and see what can be done. The surgery will be done in complete safety and with professionalism, and only after unrolling a set of medical tests, to eliminate any potential risks and dangers.

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