Some Days Just Are: Zora J Murff & Rana Young

Some Days Just Are is a collaborative photo series where time dictates narrative. On a selected day two photographers each make one picture per hour from 9:00am - 9:00pm. The results are combined to show the ways in which we’re interconnected as humans, and how time is the equalizer. Each photographer operates independently, unaware of what the other is shooting.

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Photographers on Saturday, January 6, 2018 were Zora J Murff, shooting in Lincoln, NE, and Rana Young, also shooting in Lincoln, NE. For the first time in this project both photographers were in the same city and were aware of each other’s participation.

Zora J Murff is an MFA Candidate in Studio Art at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Zora attended the University of Iowa where he studied Photography and holds a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. Combining his education in human services and art, Zora's photography focuses on race, identity, and how images are used to reinforce sociocultural constructs. His work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and featured online including The British Journal of Photography and Wired Magazine's Raw File.  His work has also been published in VICE Magazine, GOOD Magazine, Huck Magazine, and The New York Times. Zora was the Daylight Photo Award Winner in 2017, a Joy of Giving Something Fellow through Imagining America in 2016, and was selected as a LensCulture 2015 Top 50 Emerging Talent. A portfolio of his work is included in the Midwest Photographers Project through the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Zora published his first monograph, Corrections, through Aint-Bad Editions in the in Winter of 2015, and his second monograph LOST, Omaha, through +KGP in the Spring of 2018. Both books are available for purchase through the links below. 

PREORDER LOST (available through 02/08/18)

Zora is also a co-curator of Strange Fire Collective with Jess T. Dugan, Hamidah Glasgow, and Rafael Soldi. To find out more please visit their website.

Find Zora on Instagram: @zorajmurff 

Rana Young is an artist and educator based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Rana holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln where she was an Othmer Fellow and a BFA in Studio Art from Portland State University. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, as well as published online by Hyperallergic, British Journal of Photography, Strange Fire Collective, and Aint-Bad Magazine, among others. Through her photographs, she investigates such concepts as loss, intimacy, identity, and voyeurism. Recently, Rana was selected as a winner of LensCulture's 2017 Emerging Talent Awards.

Find Rana on Instagram: @rana.young

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