Some Good Reasons To Add Glass Subway Tiles To Your Home Project

Some Good Reasons To Add Glass Subway Tiles To Your Home Project
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Building or remodeling a house is a very exciting project. It gives you the chance to build your house the way you’ve always wanted. And if you’re remodeling, it also gives you the chance to change your current house into your dream home. That’s an opportunity that many homeowners wish they could have, for you to be so fortunate to be able to change the look of your house or to build it from ground up is something that you should cherish.

Before you start with a project as such, it’s crucial that you’re very sure on every aspect of this project. It’s a huge investment which will require you to be financially stable in order to go on with it. For this reason you should do everything that you can to build or remodel this house exactly the way you intended to.

Nowadays, there are many different designs to choose from when building a kitchen or a bathroom. From woods to tiles, it’ll get very hard for you to pick one. But there are some very specific tiles that cause themselves to be very popular among the others. It all happened due to their beauty and durability. Those tiles are called glass subway tiles.

It’s been over a hundred years since they were first introduced but subway tile’s popularity has proven to be timeless. In 1904 these tiles were used to construct the New York subway station, no one knew then they were going to be as popular as they are today, and to even be such an important addition building part to our homes.

Nonetheless, architects George C. Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge did not choose to utilize the glass subway tiles to build the station for no reason. They knew that it will last, it would be easy to clean, and it was also beautiful.

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Why are glass subway tiles the best for your home?

Irresistible beauty: While there are so many beautiful tiles that you can pick from to put in your home, the beauty of the glass subway tiles are incomparable. they have some very nice edges which give them a very classic and sophisticated appearance.

They can be used for any type of house, whether it’s a classic or a modern home, those tiles can be the perfect fit. Moreover, they can be used in different places in your home. For example, a fireplace, in kitchen backsplashes, in countertops, in showers, etc.

Easy to clean: Keeping your shower clean could be a hard work. The glass subway tiles are very easy to clean and they do not get dirty easily. This is a big advantage you’ll have over the other house owners who use different type of building materials in their showers.

If you’re someone like me, you may not be able to stand in a dirty shower, you’d be most likely to find yourself cleaning your bathroom if you don’t have some tiles like the glass subway tiles. But if you do, it’ll be a totally different story.

Durability: Lastly but not least, they are very durable. They’re able to handle the wear and tear on a daily basis without any problem. Their durability is one of their characteristics that made the architects chose them to build the New York subway.

Today this characteristic is still being used as a reason to utilize those tiles in our homes. Once they’re in a home, there’s no breaking, the only reason to change them is if the home’s owner wants to choose different design patterns.

If you’re building or remodeling your home, the glass subway tiles could be the perfect fit for your home. They come in different colors which makes them even more attractive to many of us. Once you have them in your kitchen you’ll find yourself spending more time in your kitchen, although you may not even be preparing a meal.

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