Some Honesty Regarding the Cook County Craigslist Thing

Cross-posted from the craigslist blog:

"Frankly, Sheriff Dart's actions mystify me," said craigslist CEO Jim
Buckmaster, referencing the private civil suit filed against the online
service yesterday by the Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff.

Buckmaster explained that in mid and late 2007 we had very positive
communications with the Cook County Sheriff.'s Department, in which we
explained how "erotic services" came to be, the purposes it is intended to
serve, and the statutes that support our right to operate as we do.

"Since then, we have not only initiated multiple new measures to further
reduce misuse of our website by anyone intending criminal activity, we
also reached an agreement with 40 state attorneys-general, including
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, about an enforcement plan designed
to protect the public from those who would misuse our site."

"And yet, inexplicably, Sheriff Dart apparently bypassed the Illinois
Attorney General's office, and filed this complaint through a private law