Some Magic I spotted in Finances

From the moment I learned a piece of paper, money. It can get you a home, clothing, airplane rides. I thought it was magical. You exchange a paper someone made up, for something huge of your need or desire.

Then I took a finance class and realized all the tricks and taxes that simple magical paper goes through, realizing it is not that simple, but still magical.

Since millions of dollars get printed each day in the US alone. made me realize the simplicity and wonder why is it no many of us in the US can obtain much of the money being printed?  Since there's so much production in money printing a year.

Yes we can earn it or work for it. Perhaps be born with it already, no matter who you come from.

How about if you get money for doing kind things to society?

Huge toxic corporations get trillions of consumers money, why can't huge heartfelt companies make lots of money too.

Leading to my wonder. If there are many families and individuals who have many of the riches of the world, and money keeps being printed daily. Money which I should mention is created by us. There is no specific gem or out of this planet substance that creates this paper, its made out of cotton and linen. Why is the distribution of it, so stingy with the wholeness of the planet?



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