Some Mind-Boggling Film Factoids!

Vampire Barnabas Collins was swatting at a fly in an episode of "Dark Shadows." Jack Palance's face was resculpted after being battered in the ring! Wires moving the creature are visible in "The Brain From Planet Arous."

-The Gothic horror soap opera, "Dark Shadows"(1966-71), was filmed "live on tape" with no retakes allowed despite the fact that the episodes were not aired for 7 to 10 days after taping. Hence, flubbed lines, camera boom shadows, and other mistakes were never re-shot or edited out. Two such glaring errors involved star Jonathan Frid who portrayed vampire Barnabas Collins: on one occasion, he was seen on screen dressed in civilian clothes carrying his costume as the credits were rolling! On another occasion, he was filmed swatting at a fly as he endeavored to deliver his lines!

Ruehl Fact: In early 1967, Frid was all packed and ready to move from New York City to California to become a drama professor when his agent called and persuaded him to accept the role of Barnabas Collins for just 2 weeks! Of course, the rest is history, but Frid notes that had he arrived home a few minutes later, he never would have received that call and would not be known today!

-In 1957's "The Brain From Planet Arous," the black wires used to manipulate the movements of the extraterrestrial brain are visible in a number of scenes as well as those guiding an airplane that crashes. However, this entry undoubtedly marked John Agar's best acting role as a scientist controlled by the alien mind. Both while resisting possession and during possession, he delivered one powerful dramatic scene after another, in stark contrast to his typical low-key performances in other sci-fi and horror films.

Ruehl Fact: There were actually 2 brains in the film: the evil Gor, which possessed Agar, and the benevolent Vol, which infused itself inside a loyal dog.

-Jack Palance, whose cadaverous physiognomy has enabled him to essay a wide spectrum of villainous roles, including that of Dracula in a 1973 TV film, originally had an ordinary face. However, after being pummeled in the ring as a professional prizefighter (along with a rumored plane accident), he underwent expansive cosmetic surgery that included skin grafts, resulting in the look that has brought him cinematic renown.

Ruehl Fact: Jack Palance's original name was Walter Jack Palanuik(although various sources list a different name:
-IMDB lists it as Volodymyr Palanyuk
-The LATIMES listed it as Volodymir Ivanovich Palahniuk
-CNN listed it as Vladimir Palaniuk

Ultradimensional Anomalies No.38(Hollywood Factoids) (Dr.Ruehl)