Some of the (Pop Culture) Things I Want for Christmas

I feel strongly about the importance of the Christmas List. I mean, why not make it easier on your loved ones by telling them exactly what you want? So I'd like to send this out to the Pop Culture gods: a carefully considered and entirely possible collection of realistic requests. Please note, I've been very well-behaved this year.

All I want for Christmas is...

  • Avatar to not suck
  • Joss Whedon to create a kickass new TV show that doesn't get canceled within its first two seasons
  • Booth and Brennan to totally just do it already on Bones
  • a Nintendo Wii (and the new Super Marios Bros game)
  • the Celtics to beat the Lakers in the NBA 2010 championship
  • no more celebrities to publicly admit to torrid affairs (what they do on their own time is of no interest to me)
  • Britney to get umbrella-wielding, shaved-head crazy again
  • all the answers to all the questions I have about Lost
  • my iPhone to stop dropping calls
  • someone to pay off my credit card debt (not so much pop culture related, but I'd really appreciate it)
  • Friday Night Lights to get some Emmy nominations
  • People to stop doing Top Ten [insert arbitrary pop culture category here] of the Decade Lists
  • Lady Gaga to put on some pants
  • Blake Lively to put on some pants
  • people to stop sending me Farmville invites on Facebook
  • a clear answer on whether or not that Arrested Development movie is going to get made
  • a Talking Heads reunion (never gonna happen, I know, but it can't hurt to ask, right? Right)
  • Katie Holmes to stop letting her daughter wear heels, it's creepy
  • athletes to stop doing performance enhancing drugs
  • Megan Fox to go away
  • Lindsay Lohan to go away
  • Jon Gosselin to go away
  • for not so many good TV shows to simultaneously air at 9pm Thursday nights, how about Tuesdays?

And I really want to go to Disneyland.