Some Standouts, But Natural Looks Rule at MTV VMAs

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Not many people look good with yellow hair. Cassie rocked the color at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She wore it bright and straight with just a slight wave at the ends, and that made it all the more bold. Cassie was a standout at an event that we watch for all the trends in fashion and hairstyles, and she did it beautifully.

What we saw otherwise were lots of natural looks. Britney Spears wore her hair long and natural, blonde with dark base at the roots. Nicki Minaj, too, wore her hair natural, in a dark brown, a break from all the colors she's worn in the past. She looked stunning.

Naomi Campbell and Ariana Grande went long. Ariana wore hers in a signature ponytail, her go-to style, a timeless look, great on stage or at the gym, showing off healthy hair while letting the face shine.

Kim Kardashian went dark and natural with a slightly wet look on her side part with waves.

If there was a trend at the MTV's Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, it was the natural look, which has been strong for a long time running. Lots of girls went long like Hailee Steinfeld but we also saw Ashley Graham and a few others with beautiful bobs.

Rhianna was another standout appearing with four different hairstyles through the evening. She nailed the high 50s ponytail and transformed to one or two updos ... shows you how versatile hair can be, how fast you can make a change. She's got a 'team' backstage but there is a lot that anyone can do between work and a night out.

My favorite this year was JoJo. I loved her long naturally wavy caramel blonde hair with baby highlights to give her hair some dimension. Loved it!

Silver is big right now. Zara Larsson was showing us how to do it with a dark base and light ends. Overall, still seeing a variety of styles from natural to bold colors and naturally wavy styled hair, 70s and 80s looks, sleek and straight, parted in the middle. Right now, anything goes in the world of hair.

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