Some Things You Might Not Know About Facebook's Look Back Videos

Last week, hundreds of millions of Facebook users received their very own Look Back videos, featuring images they posted over the years on Facebook edited a sweeping movie montage format. Hundreds of millions have watched these films, some with tears in their eyes.

The 62-second clips got even more attention when Missouri man John Berlin made a heartfelt plea to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to unlock his late son's account so that he and his family could watch the young man's video. (Berlin's son was just 21 when he passed away in 2012.) Facebook complied. Berlin received a personal call from Zuckerberg himself and the family shared the video online.

According to a Facebook representative, the company wanted to make a small gesture to thank the billion-plus Facebook users for posting their great experiences over the years. And what better time to thank users than during the company's tenth anniversary.

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