Someone Broke Into Amber Rose's Home And Straight-Up Chilled For Hours


Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a home invasion. 

When the homes of the rich and famous are vandalized, the intruders typically grab the goods and go. But the man who broke into Rose’s Los Angeles home early Wednesday morning stayed put for hours while she slept soundly in a nearby room, according to TMZ, which was first to report the break-in.  

He reportedly gained entry between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. through her pantry by breaking a kitchen window. Rose, along with her mother, son, assistant, and bodyguards were all in the residence at the time, but somehow no one noticed that the man remained in the home for four hours. Her assistant reportedly even got up to make food while the intruder was in the house and didn’t suspect anything. 

It wasn’t until Rose noticed shattered glass in the kitchen area later that morning and checked her home surveillance footage that she discovered video evidence of a man breaking in and then leaving hours later. She then phoned the police who are now investigating the crime. 

Nobody was harmed in the home invasion and the suspect reportedly didn’t even make off with any of Rose’s possessions. 

Rose’s home invasion is part of a string of attacks on homes of celebrities including Emmy Rossum, Kendall Jenner and Jaime Pressly in recent months. Earlier that same day, armed robbers reportedly broke into rapper A$AP Rocky’s Beverly Grove home, a mere 12 miles away from Rose’s residence, and made off with $1 million in cash and jewelry.  



Amber Rose