Someone On A Motorcycle Is Going To Do Something In Six Days For Jon Huntsman

Ever since the Jon Huntsman roll-out began, it's overarching theme has been... I don't know, exactly? Post-structuralist? Post-narrative? A moebius strip of endless meta? Whatever the answer, it's been weird.

When Huntsman's HorizonPAC launched on the web, it went live with very little content: a donation button, an email sign-up form and a clutch of odd poems rendered on the page in an almost ghost-like manner of grey-on-grey. Now, Huntsman has launched a new site -- apparently for the campaign he's set to embark upon next week -- and with it comes this bizarre video:

So, okay, here's what we know about this.
that the ad is the work of Fred Davis -- best known for ads, like the famous "Demon Sheep" spot done for Carly Fiorina, that tell us more about the whimsical worldview of the adman than it does about the candidate. As the ad states, it was paid for by Jon Huntsman himself, so there's a toe in the water of self-funding.

And while Huntsman is a motorcycle enthusiast, that's not him in the commercial. (As referenced in the spot, Huntsman did play the keyboards in a prog-rock band named "Wizard.")

This new site, by the way, is located at www.jonhuntsmanjr.com, because www.johnhuntsman.com is currently being squatted upon by some rival that wants to remind GOP voters that Huntsman worked for and is friends with President Barack Obama.

If I had to guess, I'd say that there's probably going to be some new short ad on this new Huntsman site every day leading up to his announcement. Additionally, it looks like maybe Fred Davis is entering the period of his career that's primarily influenced by Terence Malick.

Maybe this is how Huntsman plans to govern: He will disarm Washington with an endless array of cryptic utterances.

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