A Woman Sent Her Amputated Toe To A Stranger On Tumblr

The photo of the disembodied toe is slightly NSFL.

If feet gross you out, LEAVE NOW.

Still here? Great.

Now, let’s talk about this Tumblr user who sent another Tumblr user her pinky toe. Yes, her actual toe. 

According to the toe’s owner, Haley, the toe was amputated years ago.

“I had brachymetatarsia, a condition where one of your toes or metatarsal bones stops growing,” she told The Huffington Post.

“As I got older the skin around my toe began to get infections and tear open (gross I know) and it would cause me to not be able to even walk at times. I was constantly in pain ... At age 17, a doctor said he’d help me the best he could and removing the problem seemed simplest ... He removed my 4th toe.”

The recipient, Lana, was sent the disembodied toe to preserve it properly for Haley. The preservation fluid currently housing the toe expired in 2011 and Lana plans to change it out.

You probably have a lot of questions about this.

For example: Why is the toe still hangin’ around? Why would someone want anyone else’s random toe? 

Haley told us that she kept her toe “because of spiritual reasons.”

“I feel very inclined to be buried or cremated whole, with all my teeth and bones,” she said. “I decided to have Lana re-jar my toe because the liquid has been long over due for a change but also because I really love my toe. It’s a part of me and deserves a proper enclosure.”

We, too, love our toes, Haley. 

Lana said on Tumblr that in addition to changing the preservation solution, she’ll be “electroforming the lid shut and adding crystals or stones to make it extra sparkly [a]nd pretty.

We’re not too sure where one would don a bejeweled, disembodied toe, but to each her own. Let people live, right?

“I needed a way to honor the life my toe led. It was with me for 17 years,” Haley told The Huffington Post. “It simply deserves a little more respect than the plastic jar it has been in since 2008.”

Supporters of the toe exchange have been saying they wish they still had their removed ribs to send to Lana to rework. Another suggested sending part of their amputated vagina to be turned into art.

“I’ve contacted various (wet specimen) artists over the years and not a single one would take on this project,” said Haley. “I’m grateful that Lana is so open minded and also so talented! I’m lucky the internet connected us.”

Tumblr is a magical wonderland of blogging and body parts.

(h/t NYMag)



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