'Luke Cage' Turned Into 'Family Matters' Will Make You Say T.G.I.F-Yeah!

Did the internet do that?

Just when you thought “Luke Cage” couldn’t get any better, the internet went and turned it into one of your favorite childhood shows. T.G.I. F-yeah!

YouTuber Zach Ace apparently “spent the weekend” editing “Luke Cage” to look like the “Family Matters” intro. And it was so worth it. The edit is so good that it almost immediately reached the front page of Reddit, and even the “Luke Cage” twitter account shared it.

Zach told The Huffington Post, “I created a similar video with the ‘Avengers’ and the ‘Full House’ intro before, and with the recent release of ‘Luke Cage,’ I had to do the same for ‘Family Matters’!”

“And come on, how could I resist making a Turkel joke!” the YouTuber added.

On the surface, these two shows couldn’t be more different. In “Luke Cage,” Mike Colter plays the titular bulletproof superhero who takes on bad guys. In “Family Matters,” Steve Urkel basically terrorizes a family by breaking all their stuff over and over again. (Yeah, you did that, Steve! You did it.)

But take a gander at the two series side-by-side, and you know it was just meant to be.

Did the internet do that?



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