Someone's Pooping In Golf Holes In Norway

"He has a couple of favorite holes."

This gives new meaning to a pinch shot.

Someone has been serial defecating in the holes of Norway's Stavanger Golf Club for 10 years, according to reports. The culprit leaves behind toilet paper and has disabled spotlights installed to catch him at his nocturnal game.

"He has a couple of favorite holes," greenskeeper Kenneth Tennfjord told the Norwegian paper Rogaland Avis, according to the English-language Local in Norway. "And we know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman.” 

The club has been denied a permit to install surveillance videos, so the crap-filled cups may continue to be par for the course. "Our idea is that it could be someone who, for unknown reasons, hates the game of golf," club managing director Steinar Fløisvik said, per the Local. "Alternatively, the person may have a fetish or suffer from mental problems.”

And we thought the fictional gopher tearing up the course in "Caddyshack" was a menace. 

However, at least one American outlet praised the poopetrator. "A Norwegian Hero Has Been Shitting In Golf Club's Holes For A Decade," blares Deadspin's headline.

But some Norwegian publications have been labeling the miscreant for the "serieskiter" he is. Roughly translated, that would be "serial shitter."

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